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Public radio is messing with my head January 9, 2013

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My local public radio station, KUT, was able to do a wonderful thing last week: they split into two stations.  The existing station is now all news and the new one (KUTX) is all music.  This is a great feat for them considering that some public radio stations around the country have had to close due to lack of funds.  However, they are also messing with my head and I would like that to stop right now.

I get REALLY attached to the hosts of Morning Edition and All Things Considered, especially the local hosts.  I listen to these programs when I drive to and from work and I expect their voices to greet me when I turn on the radio.  However, when they changed the schedule at KUT News, they moved the local evening anchor to the midday shift.  I was disoriented and sad and thought he was missing forever until I checked their Web site this morning to figure out was going on.  (It’s amazing I could still drive under all this stress.)

The morning host was not on today and so now I’m thinking, where did they stick you, my morning friend?  This calls for more sad face here:

a sad face

a sad face (Photo credit: SasaSi)

(That looks more like dead face after being shot with many arrows, but they say it’s sad so I’m going with it.)

So, now you know what I do when I’m in the car: I worry about the disembodied voices living in my radio.  Your turn:  what do YOU do when commuting in your chosen form of transportation?

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3 Responses to “Public radio is messing with my head”

  1. 최다해 gongjumonica Says:

    When I commute, I usually wear earphones and listen to my own music while glancing and observing everyone. If I’m in the mood, which is often the case, I make stories about them based on their clothings and actions.

    • jenniewho Says:

      I wish it made sense for me to use public transportation because I’d probably do the same. I’d probably still listen to the public radio station, though.

  2. […] hopelessly out of touch with today’s music. (Remember, I’m an NPR addict.) Now that 11YO is old enough to sit in the front seat he’s started to take over the radio […]

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